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What is VERZ Online?


We've come so far, out here...

Whether it was the runaway greenhouse effect, or the following global war over natural resources... with billions of lives lost and Earth rapidly becoming uninhabitable, we had no choice but to abandon our homeworld.

Mars was ruled out as a viable long-term option, and without the support of its neighbour it would never have been able to sustain a human population large enough to guarantee our survival as a species.

Luckily, in our darkest hour, with the help of quantum artificial intelligence we made perhaps the most important scientific discovery for the survival of our species when we discovered faster-than-light (FTL) travel.

With no other options left, all of Earth's remaining resources were diverted and the spacefaring nations started building spaceships using this new propulsion technology at a ferocious pace so that a lucky few could escape our solar system.

Humanity - now an interstellar species - expanded in all directions, roaming the galaxy in search of a new home as it struggled for survival.

We would soon discover however, we were not alone...

The year is 2171. Welcome to VERZ Online.