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We've come so far, out here...

Whether it was the runaway greenhouse effect, or the following global war over natural resources...
with billions of lives lost and Earth rapidly becoming uninhabitable, we had
no choice but to abandon our homeworld.

Mars was ruled out as a viable long-term option, and without the support of its neighbour
it would never have been able to sustain a human population large enough
to guarantee our survival as a species.

Luckily, in our darkest hour, with the help of quantum artificial intelligence we made perhaps the
most important scientific discovery for the survival of our species,
when we discovered faster-than-light (FTL) travel.

With no other options left, all of Earth's remaining resources were diverted and the spacefaring
nations of our world started building spaceships using this new propulsion technology
at a ferocious pace so that those lucky few who either had the means
or the skills needed could escape our solar system.

Humanity - now an interstellar species - expanded in all directions, roaming the galaxy
in search of a new home as it struggled for survival.

We would soon discover however, we were not alone...

The year is 2369. This, is VERZ Online.

What is VERZ Online?

VERZ Online is a (free) retro Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game set in future space,
in which players have one character - human or alien - and be able to fly (navigation will be on a 2D top down grid) around, explore, trade, fight, ...

VERZ will be a persistent world, meaning (once in BETA) there won't be any character resets, rounds, etc. and there will be no need for any downloads or plugins.
VERZ will always have an option to play for free.

Development update?

VERZ Online was scheduled to go into alpha in 2019. However, we ran into several problems that were bigger than first assumed.
The first was the combining of forum and game logins into one (so users don't need to maintain two logins) which wasn't as simple as it seemed.
Then there was the whole navigation screen was has proven difficult to say the least.

Then our forums got hit by a bunch of spammers - this should now have been resolved and we're updating to the latest version soon.

We'll start updating our social channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) again later in 2020 if all goes well
so do follow us there in support. In the meantime you can also find our forums here: