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Intersector travel

Free at last! Widmo has done work on travel method, allowing to move between sectors through one of three ways team agreed upon:

Wormhole is a classic jump from one end of wormhole to another. Jump gates are structures, possibly built by players which can lead to other linked jump gates. These may have multiple destinations, not necessarily two-way ones. Finally warp drive is something of a debug tool which accepts sector name and coordinates to instantly transport oneself there. More likely an Unobtanium equipment from player perspective.

Below is travel through sector Aquila:

Quite nice. We do have a rather major problem with representation of dark nebulae (the blackness below) and asteroids, of which we currently have only two tiles.

Synestia fail

What interesting feature, this synestia. Test sector now features one, with visibly badly cut tiles. Oh, well. Fortunately this is merely a test.