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Æther versus Void - fight!

One of recurring themes of discussion is how our borders look fluffy gray like clouds, far from anything one could not fly through. There were many suggestions how to resolve that matter. Void (as an astronomical concept) is one of the recent ones.

Unlike æther the void makes sense from realism viewpoint. Opinions vary on which one is better in practice.

Attempting opacity

Kyoku suggested another approach. It was to take entire æther layer of sector images and give it 50% opacity. The effect sure looked nice.

Sadly there was one unsurmountable problem. The out of map border zone which is automatically generated did not work half-transparent because there was no background to overlay it on. This ugly effect disqualified it.

First NPC

Aye, we have some NPC. They do not mesh too well with overall looks but they are there. Sadly one cannot interact with them yet because there is no combat system. The only thing they do is having pathfinding and surveyor treat some locations as blocked if NPC there is hostile.

Interface designs redux

Onizuka is working on another approach to interface consistency. Soon we may see looks and feel of VERZ Online overhauled.

Ships redone

The factions in game need their own style in ship design. This has been reflected by new creations. The originals we had were created in DoGA just like in the old days.