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Public progress demonstration

Much time has passed. We have collectively decided it is high time to show what we have been doing and how does the game look now. Video shows some trading, ships, sector backgrounds and various parts of current interface.

Link: VERZ Online tech demo - 9th November 2022

Team guests and possible future members

Like last time after presentation we had some visitors who subsequently offered to help make VERZ Online become real.

Third approach to interface

Third time is the charm, right? Time will tell. Our first attempt at interface was hardly usable bare bones, good for technical verification of ideas. The second one is much better but it was marked by signs of experimentation everywhere. Varying styles of frames, section layout, icon types, buttons versus links made for an incoherent mess. Onizuka really disliked this mess and works tirelessly to make it better.

Below latest iteration on interface. Overtones of a certain science fiction franchise may be recognisable.

First two pictures use a colour dubbed by Kyoku as "pee yellow". Taken by disgust he has ordered it replaced. Rest of the team has different opinions on what their pee colour is but had nothing against changing colour scheme.

The decision has led Widmo down the rabbit hole of colour theory, colour systems (RGB, HSV, HCL) and we got something slightly better. DuSTman notes the vibrancy of current colour scheme is way too much for some and we may do well to have a low intensity variant. Something to put on future to-do list most certainly.

Ship line work continues

Kyoku is close to finishing ships necessary for the game. Getting all types of spacecraft ready is a lot of work. The design requires having shuttles, fighters, corvettes, freighters of three size classes, frigates, destroyers of two size classes, cruisers and just maybe in far, far future capital ships like dreadnaught and carrier.

Below a picture of all ready models so far. What is still missing here is the generic ship line which should be accessible to all factions.

Combat interface thoughts

Although this is still far from being done we have considered how to have interface having enough room for showing multiple participants while showcasing that ship sizes really do vary, sometimes greatly.