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Sectors galore

Rainmaker has been doing excellent work designing sectors. He alone has prepared 24 maps, over twice more than the number of everyone else combined! We sure have enough maps to get interstellar travel tested thoroughly.

In turn this led nicely to discussion what kind of things a homeworld sector needs. Eventually we settled on the following list.

First buildings, first destructions, first piracy

We can have building slots and exercised some creation during one of our meetings. Good thing this is one more bare bones system present. On the other hand Kyoku worries all buildings will look the same. To give him credit currently they do.

There are two interaction possibilities provided for the buildings: attack and trade. The latter does nothing while the former immediately removes attacked structure from the game because there is no durabilitiy yet. This his how we got our first pirate.

Onizuka seeing nothing in building tab was getting very desperate about being unable to have his own building. Turns out the reason was plain: he had created no character yet. Widmo admitted showing this tab before having a pilot created makes no sense. A design bug in practice. Finally Onizuka got himself a character named Oninoob. Being jealous of everyone else's buildings he flew around destroying them all. Hello, Pie-Rat!

Of note is a thing Zac began to repeat this process during each new call supposedly for science, to see if the mechanic still worked. Sounds right but somehow not everyone on team was fully convinced of stated benevolent motives. :-)

Some new tile type in works

Xolarix revealed art for new tile type he was working on recently. We had little idea to use it for and aware of hammer looking for nail problem it was approached with some caution. We also received two newly drawn ships.