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First ship prototypes

Xolarix has been busy designing ships. Early this month he presented several prototypes for us to see.

Later on we had the opportunity to see some of them textured.

Universe design in macro scale

Below is view on how universe could work sketched out by Xolarix. Take note of multiple types of connections: "regular" wormholes, hyperspace (later served by jump gates) and region gates which were left at concept stage since much time would pass until anyone needed those.

Map editor goes live

Amazing what spreadsheets can be useful for. We have managed to have somewhat silly looking but actually workable design. It has been base for some test designs.

Reinforcements have arrived

Dashlander has been busy creating appropriate channels with roles for both internal team space on discord and the public space where our community discussed progress, offering suggestions or commentary.

Among community members Borhn Nineeyes has been especially zealous about spreading word about VERZ far and wide. He managed to recruit Widmo into joining the project, increasing programmer ranks. This is very well because Mihai has left meanwhile.