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Ship overhaul

After being pretty content with how the world in VERZ Online looks we turned our eyes to ships. Kyoku set himself on path to becoming our main ship designer.

First implementation of those was not entirely successful:

Eventually it worked!

Not only player ships were worked on. There are also some pirate boats to see.

Building system expanded

Besides ships work also progressed on buildings. Zac Quicksilver has designed a system aiming for more freedom in customising buildings. Their economic and military properties can be mixed and matched to some extent. There is also possibility for some optimisation by tweaking what modules get put on building. Very little of that is programmed in but design has promise.

Mining and harvesting

Although interface for prospecting is currently terrible it is at least possible to acquire three groups of resources:

Tile subdivision and pathfinding

VERZ Online makes a distinction between skimming an edge of nebula and going right through it. In general one can treat tiles as subdivided into four pieces. An outer corner of emission nebula touching space is 25% nebula 75% open space and has flight cost calculated as such. This applies to any tile type.

Pathfinder is aware of such intricacies to flight cost and finds best path sometimes surprising fresh pilots.

Bonus: interface overview collage