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Additonal locations and interstellar travel.

Kyoku has finished designing three sectors for testing travel, flight restrictions and different tile types. For now they lie until more opportune moment appears.

Meanwhile Sylos is wrestling with navigation update system problem. In the picture below, when green ship moves west the red ship needs to be notified of an object leaving their field of view. Game server needs to do that despite red object is not within green object's view. Now, how to do that without iterating over every active session? Decisions, decisions ...

Was it mentioned ships may have different view ranges, by the way?


One of space features we wanted to do is Synestia, a hypothesised event which lasted only about an hour but our Artistic License says we can make that into a tile. There is some concept art done by Xolarix.

Even richer portraits

Ah, the pixel art enthusiast never has enough! Kodai receive a Heads Up Display, Bur-Zuj get nose rings and a visor, Meran get up to two visors (such visual creatures!) and Ta'ac while getting zero visors may have ocular implant and a drone. Custome character portrait become heavy with options.

Character generation includes a step where ten random portraits are generated. Player then picks one and adjusts it or requests another ten. Character creation process slowly becomes pleasant to use.

Test sectors? Gimme something real!

Hardly thrilled with ugly test sector design Xolarix crafts three of his own which do look like a real sector or approximation thereof. Two are presented below.

Big toe with aqua nail polish

After doing human ships Xolarix begins work on starter fish, err... starter ship for the Kodai who are inspired by aquatic creatures and feature fins on their ships. For some reason! However, first iteration has invited certain unique comparisons of which "big toe with aqua nail polish" was not that bad. It did create a "can't unimagine" effect though. Next iterations were progressively better and thus Kodai ship Coryphaena was created.