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Preparing additional species

Original plan assumed eight playable species for the game. While four are included now some work is occasionally put into remaining four.

Vaai'Uma, faction allies of the Bur-Zuj.

Kongbu, faction allies of the Ta'ac.

We are not in any haste to get those into the game but they are out there in game universe.

Designing sectors

We have quite the struggle how to make sector design require less technical expertise. Our sectors can be made quite beautiful in current system and there is certain depth to how tiles are layered together. The other side of the coin means any editor must support layers of tiles and it is no longer so simple to design a new sector. Currently the only person able to render person is Widmo, one of the programmers. Ideally sector design would be open to any team member.

Ship in the distance during overflight

Your ship can obscure too much when flying near noteworthy space features like buildings, planets or other interesting places. To make the effect less pronounced ship will be drawn at half size, as if it was further away from viewport.

Onizuka leaves team

At times life may leave very little time for hobby activity. We are sad to see Onizuka go but maybe our paths will cross again. Take care, friend! We are grateful for all your help.