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Public presentation of progress so far

VERZ Online has been long enough in development. It is high time to show what has been achieved so far and what are our next goals. The recording below was made by Harlock and is a sort of tour of the technical demonstration as it was then.

As described by Harlock: First 12 minutes or so are content, and the rest is Q&A (where you can only hear me lolol). There is indeed silence between 11 and 21 minute but then conversation starts again. Harlock choose to only record his own voice because we did not ask for consent of anyone in community at this point. Sadly this filtered out other team members as well, who answered some of the more technical questions.

Link: Tech demo 6th February 2022

Miscellaneous progress

New improvements include a "what is here" section showing buildings, ships and tile present in current location. Available actions are aligned below each one. Internally programmers began to split character into character and ship - necessary because we wish a character to be able to own multiple ships.