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Feedback line

December was noticeably slower month for us and we had meetings only up to first half. Some progress was still made. Below screenshot of first attempt at feedback line welcoming new player to the game.

Tile sizes, user interface

Long ago it was planned to have three sizes of tiles available: 64x64, 96x96, 128x128. The middle one was to be the default. Settings section now allows switching between the three. We also got some minor user interface display element showing ship location, money and chrono cycles.

Chrono cycles?

The idea of main game is to have a limited number of action points daily to spend. However, we wanted a name that is role playing friendly. Action points sound like a game concept. We tentatively accepted name 'chrono cycles' while remaining on lookout for better name.

The counter does get decremented for flying around and jumping to other sectors. This part works already.